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Yana Rits
Visual Artist, Cinematographer 

We, as humans, carry within ourselves all angels of heaven alongside every demon of hell – blending one with the other to a cocktail complementary to our circumstances and personal tastes. This impermanence is as infinite as it is beautiful. The human personality is rich and iridescent like an artfully cut diamond, and it is the diversity of the innumerable facets that I try to reflect in my works.

I use my own body to study not only concepts of time, form, and space – but the whole gamut of human existence from cultural aspects such as religion, gender and racial privilege to more basic and primal ones like sexuality and age. My protagonists exist and interact with each other on several levels, usually as the embodiment of one being.

The use of a single model in various hypostases united in a single-frame can allow me to achieve the effect of presence in several spatial planes simultaneously, thus transferring the idea of ​​unity and interconnection of the hypostases in a single moment in time.

The beauty, harmony and fragility of the human body, male or female, are undeniable, which makes it an incomparable tool for the embodiment of those creative and philosophical themes present in my work.

As for the technique of black and white image, it allows me to create the language of metaphors and abstractions, through which I build my conversation with the viewer and transfer it to that inner world of the human being, as I see it.

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